Healthy summer food for you and your children June 08 2016

Summer is here and we all change our eating habits somewhat. It´s hotter outside so we don´t want to be eating soups and our bodies ask for lighter meals. For our children it is exactly the same, plus the music from the ice-cream van is a huge temptation!!!


Healthy food rule number 1: Be a good role model, we can´t ask our children to eat vegetables, fish, etc. if they don´t see us doing the same.

Healthy food rule number 2: Cook more meals at home and get the kids involved. This will not only be a fun mess! but it will have an impact on your children’s diet.

Healthy food rule number 3: Treat sweets like any other food to help children develop a healthy relationship with them.


Healthy food rule number 4: Burn down the calories! Which in summer is quite easy having them running around outside in the good weather

Healthy food rule number 5: Enjoy junk food as long as you cook it yourself, chances are you are not willing to prepare it every day.

Healthy food rule number 6: Limit your snacks to unprocessed foods. Keep plenty of fruit, vegetables and nuts as well as healthy beverages like pure fruit juice or water at hand.


But most of all, with children, we have to focus on their overall diet rather than specific foods. 

Here are some ideas for which you can find yummy recipes in the internet:

Make your own frozen fruit pops

Frozen yogurt

Fresh dinner salads, with pasta or quinoa

Stuffed zucchinis with other vegetables or zucchini snacks


Some tacos

Fish like cod with lemon and parsley, or haddock, salmon…

Vegetable pizza


Watermelon, you will be surprised how many recipes you can do with watermelon


 ...and many many more! 

Enjoy healthy eating this summer!! and remember to take Poplico´s wipe clean bibs and napkin clips with you!!