Keep our children warm this winter December 03 2017

With this winter expected to be one of the coldest in many years, at Poplico we thought it is a good time to share some tips on keeping our children warm. December is here and the temperatures have turned from cold to freezing, make sure you´re ready for cold weather!

Experts recommend these 5 simple things:

  1. Dress children warmly: Inside the house or outside, make sure your children are dressed properly. Layers are a good idea because you can bundle them up for the outdoors but when you come inside the layers can come off and prevent overheating. Is is also important that children wear hats because heat escapes through the head. If you have a baby, always add a footmuff to your pushchair since a blanket is not enough.
  2. Limit the time outside: Children love to play in the snow, it´s great fun!! but make sure they come inside frequently to warm up and change out of wet clothes.
  3. For the car seat the recommendations are to either use a footmuff that fits properly with the children’s seat in the case of a baby, or to tuck a blanket around your child over the straps, not under. That is, place the blanket over your child on top of the harness strap if it is very cold inside the car.
  4. Keep you children´s skin moisturized, specially if they are babies. Keeping their skin moisturized is something we should take care of throughout the year. In winter windy air and indoor dry heat can make children’s skin very dry, the solution to this problem is easy… apply some moisturizing lotion on their little bodies at least twice a day (in the morning and after their night bath every day).
  5. Keep the children’s room at a comfortable temperature. It is important to try to keep your children’s room at a comfortable temperature throughout the day, but specially at night time. If your child wriggles about a lot in their sleep the covers come off and if the room is not at a good temperature this can be a problem, specially in winter.


Overall, just make sure they are kept safe and comfortable, as we are sure you always do ; )

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