Homemade Party Bag Ideas March 16 2015

Another party and another party bag, what will my child come home with?

I always go crazy trying to think of new and different thing. This year I decided to make something special, something homemade and original, place it in a plastic or paper bag and tie it beautifully. Getting my children involved in the process was easy, they loved looking for ideas and making with their own hands the presents for their guests.

Wearing their Poplico Napkin Clips so they didn´t get dirty was also a good idea. They are not only useful for when we are Out and About but also as mini-aprons, because children (as you know) like to try everything, specially if it is eatable!!

Here are some ideas we hope you find helpful!!



Cake pops are becoming more and more popular, and really… the things you can do with just a little imagination…. 

Have you heard of Bakerella? She has a wonderful blog and a great book, both of them full of inspiring ideas! 



With Candy Brochettes there is no cooking involved, which for some of us is a plus! They are very easy to make and very sweet. Mix and match colors, something we love doing at Poplico ; ) and enjoy preparing these party bag treats with your children. You can also use candy brochettes for decorating the party, of course! 

At Snackmarket they teach us how to make these simple or more complicated candy brochettes.



How about baking some cookies with your guest’s names on them. 

These cookies are from Hetty Cake House, you can find many more unique cookies beautifuly created in her webpage (although the whole idea is to home bake them, not buy them, but this web has such beautiful and yummy cookies and cakes… it is also worth mentioning) 



If you can get hold of the class attendance list, making alphabet cookies for your guests would be very thoughtful.

Alphabet cookie cutters can be bought in many shops, we bought ours through amazon. Have your children decorate 2 per guest, one for the first and one for the last name. Wrap them up nicely and you have a very personal and unique gift!



This is an example of some homemade crayons for a Lego Party. They are very easy to make. Gather all the crayons (or pieces of crayons) you find at home, mix and match them in groups of colors, melt and pour into silicone moulds.

Can you guess where we found and bought our silicon moulds… Yes Amazon!



How about giving your guests some tin can music makers made by the birthday child? 

At learning4kids they teach us how to make them. Follow this link to know how



If you feel more ecological and want to try something really different, why not say goodbye and thank you to your guests with a plant?

It can be a real plant, some bulbs or some seeds, put them in a decorated small brown bag, tie it with a coloured bow and you have a very original and eco-friendly present. Your children can participate by decorating the bags themselves.



Children love getting messy and being creative with play-doh, we found these original cans of regular play doh at meet the dubiens and thought they were great! Not only because they totally look like little monsters (which was the theme of their party) but because it gives us an idea for any themed party we choose for our children.

You can also make your own play-doh gift with jars or reusable containers with stickers, cardstock and personalized labels. It seems pretty easy and children will love it.



And last but not lease… I we believe in children’s imagination, creativity, spontaneity… So how about getting your guests to make something at the party? Do something arty at the party and let them take that home.

Some goodie-bag ideas can be: decorate a t-shirt, a fairy wand, make a sock puppet, a super heroe mask, friendship bands, tea cups… So many ideas come to our mind that we think it best to write another post on this topic later this year ; )