Checklist for planning your Picnic this season June 08 2015

As the weather gets warmer we all look out the window and want to spend more time outside. What better way to enjoy food, family and friends in spring than with a picnic? Who doesn´t love a picnic? I know a couple but just until they get there ; )

Use this checklist to make sure you have everything before you leave, so you don´t get any nasty surprises when you have unpacked it all.


✏︎ Basic

* Picnic blanket, a good one please so it´s more comfy…

* Picnic basket or backpack


✏︎ Food and Drink

* Finger food (so we can lighten up the tableware) or easy to eat food

* Desert, don´t forget the desert!

* Drinks, always remember to take plenty of water

* Ice packs to keep everything cool and so food doesn´t spoil. They come in different sizes and shapes, and you can even find flexible ones that can wrap around bottles.

* Condiments such as ketchup or mayo if food needs them


✏︎ Tableware

*Cups for the drinks (wine glasses if you bring wine)

* Plates for the food, disposable so you don´t have to carry them back home or reusable to save money and the planet

* Cutlery and serving utensils if needed

* Cutting knife, this is always a good idea, bring one with a protective cover

* Small cutting board, for cutting cheese, bread...

* Napkins, essential. As with the plates and cutlery they can be paper napking or cloth

* Throw in a couple of wipe clean bibs or napkin clips just in case. They always come in handy with the little ones and take up practically no space.


✏︎ Clean up

* Garbage bags, so we don´t leave a mess behind at the picnic site

* Paper towels, because most probably something will spill although they are also useful to wipe plates and utensils before packing them back up


✏︎ Extras

The extras you pack can vary depending on where you are going, what you are eating/drinking, and who you are going with. Some items you might want to take with you are:

* Sunscreen

* Insect repellent

* Wet Wipes, in case you don´t have access to running water they could come in handy to wash up

* Corkscrew, bottle opener and scissors if needed

* Games, you can bring a football, a frisbee, cards…

* Extra layer of clothing, normally in the afternoon the temperature may drop a Little

* First Aid Travel Kit, because we never leave the house without it


Happy Picnicking!!! 

From The Poplico Team