12 Baby Beach Bag Essentials July 23 2015

We have been longing for warmer temperatures and anticipating the good weather for some time now, but are we ready for weekend getaways and holidays at the pool, lake or beach?

Summer is here yeeeeees!!!! 

This is a little guide of 12 essential things, that as mothers, we recommend taking with you in your beach bag to have the basis covered and so a day at the beach will really be a day at the beach? 

First things first… Size is everything when it comes to beach bags, we are going to need one to put everything inside so look for a big one to fit everything so you don´t have to carry more than one bag. But that doesn´t mean compromising on style, they are an essential part of our holiday wardrobe and can brighten it up too. You can be a glam mum as well as a practical mum!


If you bring nothing else you will be armed with sunscreen, this is something my mother always told me!

There are many brands that can be purchased at your local drugstore, look for a sunscreen specially formulated for children and babies, with a SPF (sun protected factor) of at least 30, ideally it can also be unscented and water resistant.

You may find it easier to apply the cream before you leave the house, and reapply often throughout the day. That way you can be sure you haven´t missed any spot, including hands and feet.


Of course we can´t forge the swim suits!

If your baby is potty trained, our suggestion is to pack a few pairs of swimming suits, definitely have more than one at hand.

If he/she is younger word on the street is that swim diapers aren´t really designed to hold in the #1 but are really for holding in #2… So although they are on sale everywhere, we believe Aquanappies are perfect for preventing little accidents at the pool or beach and keeping your baby dry. They are also less bulky than disposables, easy to clean and very comfortable. You can find fun, modern patterns and colors for added style.


Here they are.....!!!  One of mum’s best friends, useful in so many ways and the beach is no exception. We can use them to clean sand off hands before eating, also off cups and utensils, and of course faces after eating, as well as children´s precious bottoms.



Ideal to keep wet swim suits separate from everything else in your beach bag. You can buy a really nice one or recycle an old grocery bag, up to you but it is a necessity to keep the wet and dry separate. Of course we recommend the really nice and waterproof one or two to mix and match your style.

We like the ones made by Plante Wise, they are practical, cool and you help reduce environmental impact.


Sunglasses are very cute yes, but they are essential to keep baby eyes protected. Sun rays not only affect our skin, but also our eyes. Make sure you pick a pair which is UVA and UVB protected.


For obvious reasons a sun cap or hat is a must to protect children on hot days in the summer heat. Some children don´t tolerate sunglasses, so with a stylish sun hat they can be appropriately shaded.

7. COOLER BAG with water and food

Keeping the children well hydrated is a must. They will get hungry and thirsty in the fresh air so remember to pack lots of healthy snacks and drinks. Fruits, and plenty of water is our recommendation.

Check out these cute ones from Harrods


Armands, rubber ring, float suit, swim vests… whatever your child needs according to his age. Swimming aids will help improve confidence in the water for children and give parents some peace of mind ; ).

If you are not sure what swimming equipment and aids you might need, click this link to see all types of classic floats to learn with info on how to get started. 

We personally like the Shark Fin swimming aids, they provide enough buoyancy to keep an adult afloat and after it has done it´s job as a learning aid they can be used as a fun water toy. Our children also love them and feel so cool with them in the water ; )


Bucket, spade, plastic cars and trucks, dive rings… There are so many toys you can take to the beach for a fun day, sand toys have come a long way… don´t forget to add a beach ball, they collapse easily into your beach bag and provide hours of fun.


We recommend beach wraps and hooded towels to dry children after their long long swim. They cover the ears and dry children off easily. Plus hooded towels are much more fun than regular towels and children love them!

If you are the creative type of person, don´t miss crazy little projects blog with some tips on how to make your own hooded towels.


One of the best tricks we can give you is this, using baby powder after a day at the beach helps remove the sand away from bums and toes. So don´t forge to throw some in your beach bag this summer. Sprinkle the baby during diaper changes or on their feet before getting into the car and it magically releases sand from the skin. It´s not magic, it´s mummy magic!



Nobody likes sitting around in a wet bathing suit at the end of a beach day, least of all kids who can get rashes from the rubbing. So don´t forget to pack some dry clothes for the car ride (or stroller ride) back home.

A day of sun, sand and water can wear not only the children but us mother off too! If you plan to leave the beach late, maybe putting the little ones in their pijamas for the ride home makes things easier when you arrive, they will probably fall asleep along the way so having them in their pj´s will help with beadtime.


With these 12 things you will have all you beach essentials coverd.

Other ideas for the icing on top of all this would be:

-A big umbrella, tent or cabana for some shade, specially if you are planning to spend hours in the sun.

- A light weight blanket or cloth, to cover up baby during naptime gives him extra protection from the sun

- Water shoes to protect little toes from hot sand and pavement

- Garbage Bags, to leave the beach as you found it without garbage of course, but they can also be used to get sandy toys back home.

-Sun protection t-shirt or top, for the first days out in the sun, or if your child is very pale and needs extra protection.


We hope you enjoy the good weather! 

Happy Summer from the Poplico Team!