Baby Beach Buddies July 15 2016

A day at the beach sounds like the perfect way to spend a Summer day – but only if you have everything you need to make it through the day. But here is a list of beach buddies for your baby and toddles, you just remember the umbrella and towels, and we've put the rest of your list together!




Never leave home without the cream that’s best for your children. Some children have very sensitive skin so we recommend using allergic tested and please avoid the commercial brands, follow experts advise to choose the best cream for your children we like California Baby and Mustela. The experts also say that protection higher than 30 it’s not necessarily better, most importantly, apply the sunscreen to your children before you leave the house, and reapply often throughout the day.




Beach shoes, jelly shoes or any waterproof shoes are useful for your baby or toddler. They will protect their feet from the heat of the sand as well as any sharp rocks or stones when in the water. The classic beach shoes most people like are crocs or jelly shoes (many brands available) and paddler shoes




A bucket and shovels are a great start to a day at the beach, but there's so much more that can be played with in the sand, we liked the suggestions from Tots to Travel, which are a bit different than traditional beach toys. Traditional beach toys are also great, from plastic cars and trucks to make-believe cupcake kits, sand toys have come a long way. While you're at it, don't forget to add a beach ball to your bag – they collapse easily and can provide hours of fun while playing in the sun.




This is one of the best tricks I heard from a friend of mine “never forget baby powder into your baby beach bag” why? When its time for nappy change in the beach, a quick sprinkle of the baby powder removes the sand from the baby magically, its really useful and at the same time refreshing.


Wet Bag


It seems basic but usually forgotten, but don’t forget a separate bag for the wet cloth to keep the rest of the items in the bag dry




Aquanappies by Konfident are the easy and great solution as baby swimmer without the need to bring extra swimwear. They are less bulky than disposables, an eco-friendly choice over disposable swim diapers and reusable, simple change baby nappy of your choice when needed. They come in fun, modern patterns and colours for added style


UPF Clothes


There's no better way to protect babies and toddlers from the sun's ultraviolet rays than UPF clothe to create a barrier on their skin. Sunscreen helps, but clothing containing UPF is a must these days. Use hats, rash vest, shirts and even trousers in extreme sun conditions. A few key pieces will keep children’s skin safe throughout the day. We love Sunuva, London based brand for kids UV swimwear.




The sun's rays not only affect our skin, but also our eyes. Packing a pair of tot-sized sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection keeps the little one’s eyes safe from radiation. Look out for those marked as UV400, which means they block a minimum of 99.9% UVB and 99% UVA. Another important factor is to make sure your child’s sunglasses cover a good proportion of the eye area. We like these stylish UV sunglasses recommended by Minis and more




You will feel tempted to leave home without snacks, expecting the beach will be fully stocked with food and snack options, but I think you’ll be much better with few healthy snacks: Fruit and veggie pouches, (we love Ella’s kitchens) fresh cut fruit, and biscuits help keep hunger at bay until everyone's ready to take a break from the sun.


Poplico foldable chair


And when its time for a proper sitting meal, your best companion Poplico foldable chair, great for travelling, wrapped so small that fits in any bag, and great designs. The best part is that can be fitted to any conventional chair, so don’t worry about having highchair around anymore.