Tres chic Mummy Blogger December 16 2013

Tres chic Mummy Blogger and her very stylish & practical Mittens!

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Picture the scene, its freezing cold (as it is most winter days in the UK), and you decide to take your little one for a walk – you get her wrapped up in her snowsuit, in her pushchair and you venture out to brace the cold.

Your hands are freezing, so you put on your gloves. This is where it starts to get tricky….

Your little one drops her toy in the mud, so you take off your gloves to wipe off the dirt and unzip the changing bag to put it away. Your little one wants a snack, so off come the gloves, the packet is opened and you feed your child. Your phone rings, and off come the gloves to use the touch screen. Eventually you give up on the gloves, and pop them in your coat, only to find that one is missing when you get home!

I have experienced this frustration on many occasions, and watched my mum struggle to get her gloves on and off whilst looking after my nephew Nathan on his walk in the park. When I was approached to review the hot of the press Poplico Mother & Toddler mittens, they seemed like the perfect solution!!!

Our Experience

I wore the Poplico Mother and Toddler Mittens when out in the park with my daughter (6 months), my parents and my nephew Nathan, 18 months.

The mittens attached easily to my Babystyle Oyster pushchair and were roomy once attached, meaning I could easily slip my hands in and out of the glove and hold on to the handlebar without my hands getting cold.

When we went to feed the ducks, I was able to remove my hands and tear up bread easily, and the mittens simply remained attached to the handlebars waiting for my return!! A few passers by commented that “they could do with some of those!!” as they faffed around with their own gloves, tucking them into coat pockets whilst trying to manage bread and an excited toddler!!!

The mittens are thick and made from cosy fleece lined material, meaning that they kept my hands very warm despite it being a very cold day. My dad even offered to swap pushchairs and push my daughter for a while, as he didn’t have any gloves on! The gloves fit him perfectly too, meaning that one size really does fit all.