RocknRoller Baby March 15 2012

Here's a great review from RocknRolllerBaby mummy blogger:


As some of you may know I’ve always been somewhat of a buggy snob, turning my nose up at plenty on the market and always being a fan of the higher end ranges, especially ‘Bugaboo’. I tend to just think that you get what you pay for in life and as with my justification for expensive make up (it lasts in great condition so much longer meaning you replace it less often not to mention looking better when on) I firmly believe that if you spend out on a buggy you’re less likely to be disappointed. You could end up in the future needing to buy a second or even third (as many people I know have done). What I also love about ‘Bugaboo’ is the way they look and the fact that you can customise it to suit with different fabric and colour options for the canopies and footmuffs.

Even better still is the fact that this fantastic company called ‘Poplico’ make extra special canopies just for ‘Bugaboo’ buggies meaning you can really have something quite unique. They don’t make canopies for any other brand so you will still have that exclusive ‘Bugaboo’ look but with something a little bit different to even other ‘Bugaboo’ users that you know. ‘Poplico’ canopies are made to order using fabric ideally suited to the ‘Bugaboo’ strollers which wash well and fit perfectly just as with the one that comes with your original buggy. One of the best bits is that they are all reversible giving you two extra canopies when you buy just one hood! I know that I am forever popping drinks cups, half eaten chocolate bars, whatever comes to hand really in the folds of my canopy for storage when I’m on the move and inevitably this means I get marks on it often and it needs to be washed. Having a spare would be brilliant! Unfortunately for me I don’t own a ‘Bee +’ and they are not made for the older style like mine. In light of this fact I’ve had to ask a friend to take on the challenge of road testing the canopy and she has come back to me with all good reports! She tried the ‘Poplico’ canopy in ‘Blueberry’ compatible with her ‘Bugaboo Bee +’. See what she said below:

It was relatively easy to fit the canopy, as with the one that comes with the buggy, it’s not a breeze getting it on and off but no harder than I expected and the instructions on the inside of the box were very helpful. I love the way it gives my buggy a new feel and really brightens it up. Lots of people have stopped me and asked where I got it from so other people obviously think it looks as good as I do. I also like the fact I can reverse it and have a different pattern if I feel like it and I have already washed it (just to test it not because it needed it, it did stay quite clean considering I had it on the paler side) and can report that it comes up sparkling and goes back on the buggy with no creases or signs of being washed. I feel that the quality of the material is excellent ad every bit as good as the original canopy that came with my buggy. I’m really pleased with the hood and if I fancy a change again in the future I’ll definitely be buying another Poplico canopy because at £65 it’s not much to make it look and feel like you have a whole new buggy!

Pam, Mum of one, Norwich

Poplico’ Reversible Canopies come in varying different patterns and fit the ‘Bugaboo Bee +’ (not Bee Original) and ‘Bugaboo Chameleon’ buggies. They are priced at £65, made from 91% Cotton and 9% Acrylic and are machine washable 30° Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.  For more information on the reversible canopies and other products by ‘Poplico’ plus stockists please see their website (‘Poplico’ also make reversible seat liners which match the canopies and will fit most standard buggies as well as ‘Bugaboo’ buggies).