Pitter Patter September 21 2011

Pitter Patter is a blog about all parenting-related inspirations whether it be crafting, fashion, decor or yummy recipes... also sharing what found useful from personal experiences as a mom. Here is a short review she wrote about the Poplico Reversible Canopies













I have always been a big fan of the Bugaboo. It's trendy, practical and easy to use. A section of the blog will be dedicated to products we've chosen and the reasons we've chosen them, so I'll leave my Bugaboo love confession till then. Today it's about updating the Bugaboo look and making it even trendier! Poplico has designed these reversible canopies in 8 different color combinations. Machine washable, stain and water resistant? Yes please! Time to give my hubby the puppy eyes and hope he'll say yes *fingers crossed*