Review December 17 2012

Lets see how InspiredMum reviewed Poplico Mini Bag for Scooters...


I was recently asked to review the Poplico Mini Bag for Scooters.

I have two scooter fans in my house Jacob who’s 6 years old and Reuben who’s 3 years old and both wanted to use the bag when it arrived. The bag was the perfect size to hang to clip on to the bars of a scooter and we were sent the boys version in a great camouflage design.

The bag is to carry items out of the house and hang the bag on to the scooter bars. I’ve found the little men in my house like to carry their things on the go so was a great idea.


What we liked about the Poplico Mini Bag

We liked the size of the bag was perfect for Jacob to put sweets in and money as he always likes to be independent. Also big enough for him to carry his nintendo DS and a small teddy. We loved the camouflage design very boyish and would match all scooters for boys. The mini bag hangs perfectly on to any size of scooter, as we have several shapes and sizes and tried on each of the handle so is flexible on which ever scooter you own. The straps also are attached by velcro and can be made into a Tote bag which is an extra bonus!







How would we improve the Poplico Mini Bag

It has one clasp and Jacob fell off his scooter and some of his sweets rolled out! The only improvement we had would be to have a zip or two clasps so that smaller items would be secure in it.


Overall we thought was a perfect size and solution for children to carry things with them on their scooter. My boys like to be independent and have their own personal bags when we go out shopping. The mini bags were perfect for this as we often go to the shops with the boys on their scooters so they can carry their own belongings, toys, or even gloves anything they want to take along I even placed a pack of tissues in the bag for emergency runny noses or mucky faces!

Finally, at this time of year I personally think would make a great gift for the scooter fans out there and especially for the older boys who maybe carry mobile phones too this would be great to hold all these items. The Poplico Mini Bag for Scooters gets a thumbs up from us!