American Girl in Chelsea July 18 2011

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{For the American Mummies} Pimp out your Bugaboo…..

Hey ladies. Happy Monday! I hope you all had a restful weekend. 
I’ve got a great product for you amazing AGs bopping along the high street with a stroller…. 
If you have a Bugaboo, you have to get your hands on a Poplico. These adorable, reversible canopies are easy to attach, and gives your pram a personal touch. The patterns are much cuter than the solid canopies that are available. They are also machine washable and water repellant- perfect for us Moms in rainy London.
Look how cute…
This is the one I’ve got…
I’m sure you could have guessed it would be pink! 
Poplico’s are available at Igloo, or you can order them online.